Commercial and Animation Voice-Over Artist

Kane Prestenback grew up in South Louisiana in a rural neighborhood, captivated by the world of cartoons and commercials. The characters and voices he heard eventually grew into a passion for voice acting.

As a professional voice actor with an energetic dynamic voice, Kane specializes in contemporary millennial male narration and a versatile range of creature sounds & character voices for TV and radio commercials, tutorials and explainer videos, phone systems and IVR, audiobook narration, and character dialogue in video games, podcasts, and animation. Voice over clients include CNN, Walt Disney Entertainment, NBC Universal, Near Enemy Creative, Orlando Shakespeare, Audible, and many more. Prior to living in New York, Kane worked toward 7 years of experience providing voice-over pre-show announcements and character show voices for Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. Contact Kane for your next project.

Kane’s natural voice is described as a young millennial sound, real and trustworthy. He is typically known for conversational reads as well as for his youthful and playful energy. He is equipped to perform an impressive variety of accents, age ranges, sounds, and vocal qualities.

Commercial VO Demo – Kane Prestenback
Animation & Video Game Demo – Kane Prestenback

Listen to Kane’s voice-over demos and selected samples on Soundcloud.


Studio Gear:
Fully-enclosed home recording studio treated with US Cargo Control Acoustic Blankets
SE Electronics sE2200 condensor microphone
Isolation shock mount, scissor arm, and metal pop filter
Focusrite Scarlett solo USB interface
In-Studio LED touch-screen monitor
External new 24″ iMac running Audacity DAW
Source Connect

Audiobooks on
Audiobooks narrated by Kane are available for purchase on, specializing in Sci-Fi / Fantasy, Young Adult Literature, Children’s Books, and technical manuals.

Listen to selected samples from Kane’s audiobook narrations on Soundcloud.