Winner! Best Web Series!

The pilot episode of my urban fantasy web series, Hellgate Academy, has been streaming on YouTube, and is starting to receive recognition from various festivals. You can watch the pilot episode now!

I created, produced, wrote, and star in this short-form series as a showcase for the type of work I want to do as an actor. Hellgate Academywas selected by Independent Horror Movie Awards as the Winner of Best Web Series, and nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Special Effects, and Best Humor.

We have also been featured on Stareable, the largest community of web series creators, and the cast and crew has been listed on IMDB!

The pilot episode also features Kristin Parker (Orange is the New Black, Blue Bloods)Steven Patterson (Associate Director of Bridge Street Theatre, THE SHAGGS: PHILOSOPHY OF THE WORLD), and Lukas Poost (Shrek– National Tour). The episode is directed and shot by Chris Fitz, with visual effects by Ifitfitz Productions.

When a slacker New York post-grad discovers he is a Demon, he must struggle through his training to tempt a mortal soul. Everyone battles their personal demons… but some demons aren’t very good at the job.

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