Updated Website

Welcome to the updated version of my website!

I’ve made the site much simpler to use and much prettier to view on all browsers, including a responsive mobile interface.

I’ve added new content to all of the sections, including an updated bio, a new and easy to use video gallery featuring my reel and highlights from short films and tv appearances, new audiobook voiceover samples, an all new photo gallery design, and an easy to use contact form.

All of the old news posts are still found right here on the front home page, with an easy to navigate sidebar to look through old news. My resumes, press reviews, and miscellaneous content (links to various external web presences, donation link, and whats coming soon) are all still here too.

Some sections might still be under construction- particularly the photo gallery, since it doesn’t quite work ideally as it should on mobile devices. Check back again soon for a new updated photo gallery!

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