The Haunting and the Tavern

Lifetime Movie Network will be airing a marathon of all 8 season six episodes of The Haunting Of.  In the episode featuring special guest Eric Balfour, I play the lead role of Douglas Moore, the ghostly apparition of an ill-fated elevator operator. The episode is directed by Andrea De Brito, with casting by Kevin Kuffa. It was a pleasure to work with Andrea again, after working together previously on Blood Feuds.

The Haunting Of is an American documentary television series. Hosted by Kim Russo, The Haunting Of tells the stories of various celebrities who have agreed to tell their first-hand details of when the paranormal changed their lives forever. Kim Russo announced that LMN would air all 8 season six episodes Saturday September 10, 2016 11 AM eastern time. The episode I appear in should be the seventh of the season, scheduled to air at 3 PM eastern time. For more information, please visit Lifetime.

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Also this month I’ve been rehearsing up in Catskill, NY for my starring role appearance as The Vagabond in Bridge Street Theatre‘s production of The Tavern, George M. Cohan’s legendary satirical melodramatic farce. Its a dark and stormy night and a wayside inn shelters an unlikely assortment of oddball characters, including a mysterious vagabond who is almost certainly not what he appears to be.George M. Cohan himself played the role of The Vagabond, and its a great honor and delight to rise to the challenge of playing this virtuoso comic role. Bridge Street Theatre in Catskill, NY presents George M. Cohan’s loving send-up of old-time barnstorming melodramas, directed by Steven Patterson, from September 15 through September 25.
For more information, visit or call 518-943-3818.

Bridge Street Theatre is a new performing arts venue in Catskill, NY. Housed in a recently converted factory building, the intimate theatre houses their own theatre productions and hosts local theatre and performance groups. Prior to the new venue, Kaliyuga Arts was founded in Los Angeles in 1986 by John Sowle and Steven Patterson, and produced award-winning work in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, and Hudson NY.

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