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Visit Kane’s Professional YouTube Channel for audition self-tapes, reels, and highlights and clips from short films, television appearances, and live productions.

You may also want to visit Kane’s Personal YouTube Channel for additional media and original short films produced by Kane.

Kane is also an avid amateur photographer. Go to Kane’s Instagram to see selections of Kane’s personal photography, as well as frequent pictures of his puppy, the eskimo terrier, Wembley.


Kane is currently working on developing a new, exciting, online presence, accessible through this website. This project is still in development, but would include many of Kane’s passions, including the possibilities of interactive media, video logs, quirky weblogs, independent produced short films, and more. The site will certainly include a store, dedicated to marketing t-shirt designs and other products designed by Kane and his brother, Kyle. Check back soon, or subscribe to the mailing list for more updates.

In association with this exciting new web presence, Kane is in the process of forming a new theatre venture, to be based in New York City, with connections in Los Angeles and Orlando. The core of the theatrical venture will be comprised of associations made at Circle in the Square Theatre School, on Broadway in New York.