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Film & Television Sizzle-Style Demo Reel
1-Minute Sizzle Reel, with clips from Discovery ID's "Deadly Sins"; Subways;
Lady of the Forest; & The Music Behind the Door

Short Film Highlights Playlist    --NEW--
A Playlist featuring all the latest video highlight reels, short film projects, and more uploaded to the kaneaudition YouTube Channel.
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All I Ever Wanted: Contemporary Musical Concert    --NEW--
A performance of "All I Ever Wanted," by Chris Fitz & Rob Bumgartner;
Singing with Drama Desk Nominee Jeremy Morse.

A Marriage Proposal: Musical Theatre Selection
Recorded February 2009 | (File uses HTML5 Video encoding. Does not require Flash in all browsers.)
A performance of "A Marriage Proposal," from the hit musical "March of the Falsettos" by William Finn.

BOHEMIA!: I Wish I Could Go Back to College
Encore! Cast Choir and Orchestra - August 2005
Kane Prestenback, Tracy Fisher, and Mike Rodgers sing "I Wish I Could Go Back to College" from Broadways "Avenue Q," as part of Encore!, an important, annual event at Walt Disney World, featuring an 100 member choir and 40 piece orchestra.

Old 2-Minute Actor/ Singer/ Puppeteer/ Web Host Demo
2-Minute Sizzle Reel, with clips from Pony & Pony: Ponies at Law; The Continental;
Marriage Proposal (Musical Theatre Showcase) by William Finn; Tree People;
Chips, Dip, and a Bottle of Wine; & Adventures with Kane (Web Series)

(For the shortened, 1-minute version, click here.)


Audiobooks on
Audiobooks narrated by Kane are available for purchase on, specializing in Sci-Fi / Fantasy, Young Adult Literature, Children's Books, and technical manuals.

Voice Over Demo- Animation
A sample of the various character voices and accents Kane is capable of doing.
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Voice Over Demo- Commercial
A sample of Kane's range for commercial voice over work.
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You may also want to visit Kane's YouTube Channel for additional media and original short films produced by Kane.
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