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I am currently finalizing the arrangements for my next project. Check back soon for details, or stay updated on my twitter feed.

Pony & Pony: Ponies at Law, the short film I co-star in as lead puppeteer with Daniel Fay, (written/ directed by Cara Parmigiani w/ puppetry consulting by Flexitoons' Craig Marin) is now pursuing screening at various film festivals. Watch the trailer at Near Enemy. Stay posted for more info.

The world premiere of The Tallest Building in the World by Matt Schatz at Luna Stage closed to sold-out houses and astounding reviews! Read below:

New York Times: "Witty, entertaining and even somewhat illuminating. Strong, lively performances." Read More... 
New Jersey Star-Ledger (Peter Filichia): "Think Woody Allen with a Ph.D. ... Prestenback certainly shoves his way into  a fine performance. He has everything..." Read More...
Baristanet (Gwen Orel): "The play comes to life as soon as [Prestenback] pushes his way in... utterly fresh, fascinating to watch, even thrilling." Read More...
West Orange Chronicle & "Played superbly by Kane Prestenback with spot-on geekiness, the brash young structural engineer Lee is an insufferable know-it-all, someone you'd like to smack." Read More...
West Orange Patch (Carol Selman): "It's a story where a structural engineer rivets your attention - how often does that happen? Terrific performances." Read More... (Ms. Selman also notes that I got the role from attending an open audition. That's right, I do not currently have representation. Any help with that would be appreciated.)

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