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05:21 pm Permalink 2009 Circle in the Square Musical Theatre Showcase

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CIRC3[1]Circle in the Square Theatre School Presents "A Musical Showcase of the Graduating Class of 2009." Kane will share the Broadway stage with 18 other second- year members of the Musical Theatre Workshop and will perform for casting directors, agents, and other notable industry professionals. All performers sing a solo; Kane will sing William Finn's "A Marriage Proposal." Kane is also involved in the writing and production of the opening number, a parody-medley entitled "Another Closin': The Recession Medley." The opening number will feature all 19 singer-actors in a hilarious, song-and-dance-send-up of recent events in theatre history.

The showcase will be at Circle in the Square Theatre on Monday, Feburary 23th, 2009 at 7:00pm. General Public are encouraged to attend. Industry professionals should RSVP. Information is available at

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